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Deposit Products

Diversifying Financial Services for Underserved Rural Communities

Aiming to promote financial inclusion, encourage a culture of saving, and provide safe and accessible savings options for individuals who have limited access to formal banking systems, Microfinance Bhutan Pvt. Ltd. also offer savings deposit services.

Deposit products offered by us provide individuals with a secure place to deposit and safeguard their savings, reducing the risk of theft and providing peace of mind. It also encourages financial discipline, resilience, and long-term financial planning. It enables better management during emergencies, unexpected expenses, and future financial goals.

MBPL do NOT charge annual maintenance fees!

Different Deposit Products of MBPL: Your choice of options.

  1. Normal Savings Accounts: We offer savings accounts to allow individuals to deposit and accumulate funds over time. These accounts typically have no minimum balance requirements. It can be operated individually or jointly.
    • Eligible: Individuals, Groups, CBOs, CSOs, Business & Corporations
    • Interest Rate: 7.25% p.a.
  2. Checking/ Current Accounts: We offer this deposit service to Business, CSOs and Associations. This account type can be operated individually or jointly.
    • Interest Rate: 0%.
  3. Term Deposits: Also known as fixed deposits or certificates of deposit, are offered for individuals, Groups, Business and Corporations who prefer to save for a specific period at a fixed interest rate and interest amount is redeemed on maturity along with principal amount.
  4. Recurring Deposits: Recurring deposit account is where you save monthly installment amount in your account for a fixed period and where the interest rates depend on the term. Minimum installment amount is Nu.100/- and no maximum limit on the installment amount.
  5. Term Deposit Plus+ : This deposit account is offered to individuals/ groups/ CSOs/ Business whereby the interest redemption option is provided as per the customer’s choice. Interest redemption options are: Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annually and Annually. The interest amount received if kept with MBPL in a normal saving account would attract another 7.25% p.a. For corporate deposits with large amount, rates are negotiable in this category.

Maturity Band and Interest rate for Fixed and Recurring Deposits are

YearsInterest Percentage(p.a)
91 Days to 2 years7.50%
More than 2 years to 4 Years8.00%
More than 4 Years to 6 Years8.50%
More than 6 Years to 8 Years9.00%
More than 8 Years to 10 Years9.50%
More than 10 years10.50%

Premature Closure:

Term/Fixed deposits can be broken before the maturity date. The interest rate will be 1% less than the applicable rate of the contracted year that the fund has been with the bank.


1. Individual AccountPhotocopy of a Citizenship ID Card / Passport
Two Passport sized photographs
Legal stamp
2. Minor AccountPhotocopy of Citizenship ID Card of parents or guardian
Two Passport sized photographs of parents or guardian
Minor’s Health Card
Minor’s Two Passport sized photographs
3.Institutions/CompaniesCertificate of incorporation and letter authorizing FD account opening.
Name, Address & Specimen signatures of authorized person operating the account.
Legal stamp, Rubber stamp and Trade License is required to open account for any institution or company