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Home Loan

Rural Housing Finance

MBPL have been instrumental in providing financial services to underserved populations, particularly in rural and low-income areas. In addition to our focus on microcredit, we have extended their support to the housing sector by offering home loans. These loans are designed to help individuals and families build new homes or renovate their old homes.

Home loans enable borrowers to upgrade their living conditions, moving from informal settlements or substandard housing to safer, healthier, and more dignified homes.

Stable housing contributes to social stability by providing a sense of belonging, community integration, and improved educational and employment prospects for individuals and families.

By facilitating the construction and renovation of homes, we stimulate economic activity in the housing sector, creating local employment opportunities and contributing to the local economic growth.

MBPL home loan comes with technical assistance to our borrowers, including guidance on housing construction, renovation, and the use of appropriate building materials to ensure quality and sustainability.

The loans under this category are appraised and sanctioned against satisfactory collateral & guarantee based on the following product features.

Eligibility: Household owners and any individual having registered land ownership.


  1. Construction of new house.
  2. Maintenance/renovation of house such as roofing etc.;
  3. Improvement of water and sanitation facilities (toilet, water supply etc.);
  4. Rate of Interest: 18% p.a
  1. Tenor: Maximum of Seven years.
  2. Quantum: Maximum of Nu.500,000.00 (five hundred thousand).
  3. Repayment Schedule: Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annually/Annually.


  1. Passport size photograph (Latest): 2 nos.
  2. House Approval documents.
  3. CID copy of applicant.
  4. Original Lagthram
  5. CID copy of thram owner.
  6. Family tree details of thram owner (if the land is under family ownership type) and family clearance.
  7. A witness with CID copy.